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There isn’t much to see here yet, nor perhaps will there ever be. My goal is to put together a set of resources that of interest to people who have stumbled across this site after reading one of my books, articles or other online postings.


Check out Arcadia, my blog, for (hopefully) more timely content and ramblings.

Mac Software

If you’re looking for a convenient way to automatically reconfigure your PowerBook when you connect an external display, or even just run an AppleScript whenever it wakes up from sleep, check out DisplayWatcher. I hope to write an article or two about this program one day, to walk through and explain the source code. But it has now been a while since I wrote the program, so do I really understand it any more?


I’ve finally started uploading some of my photos to flickr. You can see some of them in the badge on the right. Hopefully I’ll eventually have a bunch of cool stuff there to share.
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Java Software

Perhaps of historical interest, SunClock is the first Java code that I wrote. I delved into this applet back in 1997 because I thought Java looked like an interesting and fun language. Since then I’ve been able to do serious Java development professionally, much to my delight, and write about it for O’Reilly. (I should note that of late I’ve been having fun exploring Ruby and Rails.)

If you can see this text, your browser does not support Java, and you will not be able to see the SunClock applet.

There’s a history and documentation page if you’d like to learn more about the origins of this program, and how you can customize it for use on your own pages.

Another unfinished applet is an implementation of a fun game that I was given for my birthday. I wanted to experiment with interactivity. The goal is to slide cars and trucks around until you get the red one out the hole on the right side (the game isn’t yet programmed to notice that you have succeeded, so you’ll have to reward yourself when you do). Once you’ve figured out that pattern, here’s another starting configuration you can try.

Standard Apology

More coming soon! Yes, you’ve all heard that one beforeā€¦ But maybe I’ll have more luck with the blog?

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